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The advantage of being a nudist.

Being a nudist has a wonderful advantage. It is a great equalizer, three nudist's can be chatting. One can be a business executive another a steel worker and the last a doctor. Being nude they are all on an equal bases. That's what makes being a nudist so great!   Read Full Entry


I was just reading an old forum entry where guys were sharing their first experience sucking cock and, wow, it's such an addicting thing to do. It's quite a rush to see a guy go from being afraid to do it to being totally hooked and realizing that sucking another man's cock didn't kill them and had zero impact on their...   Read Full Entry

Whoa, what are you.. **gasp** oh ok.

Stopped in to one of my favorite video arcades on a rainy Saturday. Out front in the middle of the store were rows of adult videos and sex toys hanging along the walls. You had to purchase tokens at the cashier before you were buzzed through the door to the video arcade area which I did as soon as I walked in. Then I wandered the rows of movies...   Read Full Entry

Three Sisters


dancing in sun-pierced cerulean depths
menacing from moon-laced shadows
echoing along a cell block
bolt sliding out
bolt sliding in


singing summit triumph
lamenting precipice regret
echoing down mountainsides
bright promises
bleak warnings


Chardonnay stained dress
torn stocking, broken stiletto
echoing laughter in the...   Read Full Entry


I meet with a gf of mine at her favourite play space in London earlier this week; she had only one thing on her mind ............... well to actually :grin:

She wanted to give me a good rogering with her strapons ................... note the plural she want to see what the largest I could take :wub:

The other thing she wanted was for her to...   Read Full Entry

MMMM Theres a thought

A TV i watched recently has set me thinking. it was about Transgender/Shemales. it featured stories like this guy who was married had kids who went on a stag do abroad to Thailand (i think it was) who ended up leaving his family for a shemale he met while on this stag do.

(Stag do for people who aren't sure on the term it's a UK term for...   Read Full Entry

My Story

I grew up very naive. Not one sexual encounter with girls or boys, never an I'll show you mine if you show me yours. There are a few things I can recollect that may have influenced me...I had a very close friend through jr. high and high school. A few years after graduation, we met and he wanted to take me to Selma Ave. in Hollywood, at that...   Read Full Entry

B & M fantasy meet up

So this is a story about two guys who "met" on here and have had great conversations. This is their fantasy meet up that happens in my head.

So B and M have been chatting for a long time now. It just so happens that B is heading towards M's neck of the woods for a business meeting and will have an evening to himself. B lets M know...   Read Full Entry

feminization vs masculinity

Hi guys, on this topic I was wondering how many guys prefer their partner (same sex) to act feminine or masculine. I personally like both depending on my mood. Some days I feel the need to put on pretty jewelry and make up, sexy panties carry myself as a female. On other day I wake up and where my boy clothes and carry myself as a masculine young...   Read Full Entry

The train ride is over and I am on a new path

In my prior blog post I indicated that I was on a train and didn't know where I was headed. To continue that metaphor, the train stopped in a very good place. I met a wonderful girl on-line earlier this year. While I didn't declare myself as a bisexual from the start, I did tell her before we got serious. She took the news well and is...   Read Full Entry

First handjob

I went to a men spa/sauna in Korea and it was known to be cruisy for gays. It's in the basement of a hotel and not a gay sauna so you still have to be discreet. I had some time to kill and decided to go there just to see. Most of the people here were middle aged. I was soaking in the pool and looked at the old white guy with a huge dong...   Read Full Entry

My Thoughts

I have in the past gone to one of the adult bookstores that has a gloryhole system but the last couple of times that I have been there I have had a very uneasy feeling so have walked out without doing anything. The wife is going out of town this afternoon and I have decided that I am going to one of the two bathhouse/gyms that cater to men only...   Read Full Entry


I was driving truck over the road and I always went to adult book stores. I always went to the video booths and beat off watching porn. I went to this one place found a booth and noticed it had 2 holes and had never seen anything like that before so I just pulled my pants down and started stroking my cock that's when I got the shock as I...   Read Full Entry

I Yam What I Yam

WARNING: Mixed metaphors ahead.

The title statement was uttered decades ago by a maritime philosopher before it was hijacked, paraphrased, and turned into a song in a crappy musical. The sentiment behind the statement was the person you see is the person you get. The choice is yours to accept me or reject me. Ultimately, it states that the...   Read Full Entry

More and More....

First of all, I made a friend who is also bisexual and who I feel I can open up to about anything and everything. We have an open forum where we can talk just about anything with no fear of recrimination or embarrassment. I am totally grateful for this friendship. With that being said, he is helping me come to terms with being bisexual. Yes I...   Read Full Entry

Not a Hookup Kind of Guy

Joining the guys in their quest through the bisexual realm is not easy later in life. Letting mores become fossilized over the years doesn't exactly contribute to a robust mental outlook. Our souls having been petrified, during our would be years of experimentation, by the early AIDS crises. A crises that gave a black mark to the word...   Read Full Entry

Who Makes the Rules

I was going to respond to a forum posting on cross-dressing, but felt that my response was maybe too intense for the topic at hand. So I figured I would post it here. If people read it, fine, if not, it allowed me to get it out of my system.

Who makes up all these rules in the first place? Why should anyone care what you wear as long as you are a...   Read Full Entry

Man on Man

Often when I go to tubegalore for some masturbation material, I don't have anything specific in mind. I browse through the thumbnails until something tickles my fancy. It could be anything from MILF lesbians to transexuals to bi-bears ;) . During these sessions I'll often switch around until I settle on something to cum to. I love being bi...   Read Full Entry

Further down the rabbit hole...

It is time once again to spill the ever confusing thoughts out of my brain-space into the blog-space in an attempt to alleviate the stresses of life and the pursuit of the elusive creature called happiness.

I keep feeling I am falling backward into the closet again. Not that I need to world to know me as an out and pround bisexual man. But,...   Read Full Entry

right or wrong

Awhile ago I found this forum and it was a good thing... I lost track of things and haven't checked in for awhile - so long, in fact that I forgot my name...

I've been working on some things pertaining to who I am - and attempting to come to terms with who I really am and what I want to be... for right or wrong - I have at least come to...   Read Full Entry

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