Am I Bicurious or Bisexual ?

Let’s try and help you out here and answer your question Am I Bicurious or Bisexual ? you’ve discovered that you have sexual fantasies that involve men. Or you’ve recently found that whenever you watch pornography, you’re focusing more and more on the guy. Or you are experiencing arousal when you see other naked guys in the locker room at the gym. Regardless of how you’ve become aware of your feelings, the thing that stands out to you is the fact that you’ve come to realise that you have desires for men. And you have no idea of what to make of them.

You’re confused… overwhelmed, possibly. Where are these feelings coming from? Why me? Why now? Am I a bi guy? really? In light of the confusion that you are experiencing, you’re most probably feeling insecure as well, right? After all, you have no idea of where these feelings will lead you to. Your immediate response is going to be one where you will immediately want to have all of the answers and the first question that you’ll most probably try is answer is.. Am I bicurious or Bisexual ?

am i bicurious or bisexual

So What is it, Am I Bicurious or Bisexual ?

This is a recurring question that is put before our community. The bad news is, nobody is able to give you an answer other than yourself. It would be irresponsible for any of us to attempt to give you an answer. Added to which, these questions are a necessary part of the process. This isn’t just a sexual odyssey, this is a journey towards your own self understanding. The good news, though, is that you don’t have to come up with an answer any time soon. Yes, you heard me right, you DO NOT have to have up with an answer any time soon. …and yes, I’m for real!

You’re desperately trying to find the answer to the question or to find a label for yourself, whether that be straight, bicurious or bisexual. Because of needing to find an identity you’re feeling insecure and in light of it, you’re looking for something that will offer you a sense of being in control. The thing to consider is that you will only experience it superficially. Added to which, since this is a journey towards your own self understanding, if you try to draw conclusions about yourself too soon, these conclusions stand to trip you up in the future.

If you’re married or in a committed relationship, then I am very certain that you’re feeling as if you’re under pressure to find answers about yourself like yesterday. Right? The thing that you need to consider is that much as you feel as if you’re losing control over your life or your future, you are completely in control. You are able to decide on how you would like to better understand yourself and this situation that you are in. You are able to decide on how you would like for things to play out in the future. All in all, you’re able to deal with this journey on your terms and in ways that will not only preserve yourself, but the wellbeing of your significant other and family too.

Whether you are Bicurious or Bisexual it doesn’t matter Join our Bi Forum for support and advice.

We’re here to offer you our support, share our experiences with other bi guys who too are exploring whether they are Bi men, Bicurious or whatever label fits best! We offer you a safe and friendly platform for Bi Chat and Discussion that allows you to explore your desires and better understand yourself so that you can make informed decisions on how you intend to deal with your feelings and sexuality in the future. You are able to do this in a caring and accepting environment while making it possible for you to do so in ways that will not compromise yourself or your relationship with your partner. So If you are still looking for answers join our community and see if you can finally answer.. Am I Bicurious or Bisexual?

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