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Perhaps you have always been aware of your Bisexuality and attempted to suppress it, perhaps it’s something that has surfaced just recently. But being a Bisexual or Bicurious guy can crop up at any point in your life. Being Bi may well grab you by surprise! The fact of the matter is that you’ve come to a point where you’re starting to realise that you cannot deny your sexuality or ignore these bi feelings that you’ve secretly been having for men.

Maybe you’re single and not looking to be tied down anytime soon, or maybe you’re currently dating the woman that you’d like to marry someday or maybe you’re happily married with kids. Your biggest concern is the future and how things stand to play out if you’re unable to get things under control and you keep being bi on the down low.

You find yourself walking down the street or in the mall. You see men with girlfriends or wives, and you can’t help but ask yourself, “Does he have these feelings? I wonder if he is Bisexual. Or him?! Or him?!! Is there anybody out there that has these feelings, other than me?!!!!” The answer is “YES!” You are not alone. There are many, many men dealing with the same Bicurious / Bisexual confusion and experiencing the same Bi feelings that you are.

Bicurious Bisexual men

In fact, we’ve all been in that same situation at some point in our lives. Rest assured knowing that you’re sure to meet many other bicurious or bisexual men just like you in our forums. Know that we are here for you, even if it’s just to offer you a sympathetic ear.

Questioning your Bisexuality? Bicurious men and Bisexual men you are at home here!

Bisexual or Bicurious ?

I’ll bet that you’ve been surfing the internet in search of answers for the many questions that you may have about Bisexuality, right? If this is the case, then I have no doubt that you’ve discovered that unless you’re looking to hook up with men or you’re in search of porn, then to a large degree, looking for reliable information about this orientation can be likened to being in search of the mythological unicorn.

What we are about…

Here at ShyBi-Guys, we understand that Bisexuality can be experienced in a myriad of ways… and the findings of contemporary sexual researchers bear testament to this fact. At the same token, some men are able to embrace their newfound feelings, while others may feel confused and not know where to turn.

We may not have all of the answers that you are looking for, but we certainly are able to help. Not just with coming to terms with your sexuality, because before anything else, this site is about offering mutual support to other likeminded guys. After all, a lot of us are either married or in a steady relationship; we cannot just turn our backs on those that we love.

However, please note that although we are not against guys getting together, this site is not a hook up joint for bi sex and that, much as our discussions explore the realm of human sexuality, this also is not a smut site.

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I'm the main contributor to the forum for bisexual and bicurious men. I'm passionate about helping other guys explore their sexuality. I know what it's like for married men who are seeking out a bi experience but don't know how or may not wish to involve their partner. We are all about helping and informing men.

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